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Articles - Victory Is In Your Hands


In general, people do not care much about the things which are obtained by simple and easy means. That is quite the nature of human mind. We give respect and importance to the property which is greater value or belonging to others. We, therefore, devote almost all our efforts and energy in procuring those things. We should have a mind, broad to go far beyond that which we can achieve.

For this, we should introspect and plan accordingly. We should realise "What I have"? We have legs, hands, pleasures, wife, children, relations, house to live in, and occupation to earn and so on. We have sufficient or sometimes even surplus with us. Then, why do we expect more from God?

Expectation makes us only beggars. This expectation is the root cause for various problems and chaos in day to day life. Nature has provided us with excellent talents and will power. We should develop these talents and powers by means of which we can help and guide others. We must find the cause and effect in our own efforts. This is "Karma Yoga".

We spent most of our life span worrying about others and not contented with what we have. That is the main course for the problems throughout the world. So, only spirituality can solve the problems of mankind. Expectation will only keep us in deficiency and dependence and we feel ourselves to be in penury.

God has gifted us the physical body along with life to enjoy. Instead of being thankful and grateful to Nature, we go on demanding this and that from Almighty. Maharishi says ' Give up expectations for 30 days and see the result after achieving the fruit of the result, our mind will automatically give up its efficiency on expectation.

So, when one comes to the non expecting stage, he gets the wonderful opportunity to utilise his powers and get satisfaction. Without expecting anything from others, we should be broad minded and help others with what we have either physically or financially or mentally etc. The only way to maintain harmony and friendly relation is to move with humanity and gratitude towards both the animate and inanimate things.

We should not by any means develop hatred feelings. Therefore, the only solution for this is to bless the hatred in the meditations we do both in the morning and evening. Blessing, Blessing, Blessing between one turns hatred, lovable. By following this, one's life turns harmonious. This is quite possible. Only thing is we should wish it and try.

So, by the grace of the Divine, one should try to fulfill his own needs maximum by himself with the use of thought, word and deed. When all this become possible, 'Where is the necessity for us to expect from others'? Thus, we come to a clear concept that we are the one and only person responsible for hatred towards others and not anyone else.

Particularly in SKY, there is no way of developing such hatred feelings, because in SKY, we train our mind to attain spiritual consciousness which broadens the mind. When mind gets broadened, love and compassion comes out whole heartedly as treasure. This way of living is 'Karmayoga'.

May The Whole World Enjoy Peace, Happiness & Prosperity

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