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Shri Vethathiri Maharishi's Books

SKY books in English & Tamil can be purchased either directly from the respective SKY Centres or contact Mr P.Krishnamurthy at 96387274 or send mail to

More books in English & Tamil are available from World Community Service Centre

 1.1 Bio-Magnetism

A small work concentrated and limited to the subject of bio-magnetism: its nature, production, protection, value and use in everyone's life.


 1.3 Karma Yoga

May be read best  after  World Order of Holistic Unity:  more theoretical and abstract;  topics include Body, Life, Mind, God and Evolution of Universe and Living Beings. Chapters on the Greatness of Woman, Benefits of Blessings, and of course,   Vethathiri   Maharishi's   interpretation   of  the meaning of "Karma Yoga".

 1.4 The World Order Of Holistic Unity

This is a basic book to introduce the student to SKY theory and practices. Highly recommended; simple and succinct. (This book is a revised and edited version of Yoga for Modern Age)


 1.5 Philosophy of Universal Magnetism

Swamiji's  first book on his  cosmological  model:  covers everything  from  the  emergence  of  the   fundamental particle,  through the  evolution of universe, evolution of life and links all with  humankind up to the  present.  The importance  of   maintaining  good  health  and  universal brotherhood are also discussed.

 1.6 Bliss Beyond Words & Other Poems

It is a translation of Sri Vethathiri Maharishi's Tamil poems into English verses, a difficult job but well accomplished. It contain 80 poems touching on a variety of subjects and is a great boon to the non-Tamil readers who wish to get a flavour of Sri Vethathiri Maharishi's poetry.

 1.7 Simplified Physical Exercises

As explained by Swamiji in his inimitably lucid style, the purpose of the exercises is not merely to help build healthy bones and sinews. A strengthened body fortifies the mind, which then tends to identify the purpose of life and enables and equips one to be freed from adverse imprints of the past. That's why, the Simplified Physical Exercises are an integral part of one's spiritual development.

May The Whole World Enjoy Peace, Happiness & Prosperity

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