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All actions will create appropriate imprints in man. The Law of Nature reflects such imprints again and again in the mind and the body and involves the man in the same actions and bring out proper results as pain and pleasure sensation or peace and satisfaction. Such repetition of the same type of actions makes the imprints deeper and stronger and conditions the personality appropriately.

I am telling very often to superimpose the imprints of sinful actions by virtuous deeds. There is a common notion that even good actions will cause lengthening of the birth cycle, so as to get the happiness of enjoying the results of good deeds. I have to clear this point more elaborately.

Man's existence has a purpose. His consciousness has to be developed to its perfection. Before the realisation of the purpose of the birth, he was conditioned in his pesonality by sensual limitations. Thereby, three
impurities, namely,

  1. ego,
  2. imprints of sins and
  3. undue attachment to men and material have been formed in him.

When the consciousness is developed, the imprints will be purified. When the imprints are cleared or balanced the consciousness will automatically develop. Any of these two or both could be achieved only by the virtuous way of life. Any action which will help to purify the impurities develops good deed.

Repetition of the same type of actions makes the imprints deeper and stronger and conditions the personality appropriately.

It is the duty of man to do only virtuous deeds to reach his goal. Any action which would increase the aforesaid three impurities or obstruct or delay or divert the journey of the consciousness in its development towards perfection is termed sinful and negative.

So, good actions are only positive and purposeful to reach the goal of human beings. They are to be practiced and maintained to enjoy harmony, happiness and peace.

Only negative actions should be avoided. If any such action had already been done, those imprints should be superimposed by the imprints of good actions.

Some people are thinking that good actions also will cause new births to enjoy the benefits or the fruits of the good actions. Only this concept I deny.

Good actions lead one to reach the goal cutting the length of the birth cycle. What one should do is good deeds and that is duty. If it is done, that will help one to reach the goal. Good deeds also get imprinted.

But, those imprints when reflected, involves one to do the same good deeds and thus help him to reach the goal.

The imprint of Karma loses its reflecting force in one hundred and forty years calculated for seven generations (twenty year period for one generation). But, if within this period, the imprint is revived by some thought or action, that will be in force for a further period of one hundred and forty years from the time of revival.

Therefore, there are more chances for endless continuance of all the imprints unless they are balanced by proper method of neutralization which has three types:- 1) expiation, 2) superimposition or 3) dissolution.

The Akashic records once created lasts for ever and cannot be erased. Once imprinted in the universal consciousness, they exist permanently. However, imprints in the physical body can be superimposed and changed. In the Super-consciousness, everything from the beginning up to the present moment stands recorded.

May The Whole World Enjoy Peace, Happiness & Prosperity

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