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Articles - Better to be healthy than wealthy: Value of Simplified Kundalini Physical Exercise

Better to be healthy than wealthy



Physical exercises are very very important for mankind. In the olden days, people did not give importance to physical exercise. The reason was that they had enough physical labour. So, they were able to maintain a healthy body and did not care much about the physical exercises. Even women were taught classical’ dances and for men sports were encouraged. What this prevalence and usage show?

They show indirectly that exercises are a must for one and all. But due to rapid scientific development, this physical labour & sports have got reduced. A regulated physical labour is very’ much essential to maintain the health of the body. To digest the food well and to expel the remainders and impurities from the body properly, the physical labour is an intrinsic need.

Most of the women feel shy to do exercises. When one practices to wake up early in the morning and do the exercises regularly arid when it becomes a habit and duty for some time, this shyness will vanish. You can hear majority of house wives saying that their household work is itself an exercise for them. Might be, but however, the same kind of work engages only a portion of the body or a particular organ only. Instead, the whole body should be maintained in a healthy condition. For this, a systematic series of exercises are necessary.

Plants and animals do exercises

Even the one sense plants, by means of wind shake their leaves and branches are doing exercises. Also the five sense animals twist their body early morning, jumps, walks and do exercises. But only man who is gifted with the sixth sense does not care about his own body. "Health is better than Wealth". It is better to be healthy than wealthy. However rich a man may be, he can never be happy, if he is not healthy. However rich a man may be, he can never be happy, if he does not do systematic physical exercises. It is necessary for us to develop and maintain harmony in all angles.

When the body is kept in a healthy state, harmony between the body and life will be well maintained “Prevention is better than cure" Therapy is of two kinds: Curative and preventive. The preventive method is superior. It is better to take preventive methods instead of suffering till the undertaking curative methods to work.

So, the maintenance of one's own body and mind is the duty of man. He has to live, he has to do his duties and he has to enjoy the world only through his body and soul. '' the physical body indeed is the principal instrument of duty". It is the gift natural to man. Taking care of the natural gift is the care of all other achievements.

Specialty of Maharishi’s Simplified Physical Exercises

The systems of physical exercises taught by our Guru, Vethathiri Maharishi have preventive as well as curative values. It develops immunity in the body. These series of exercises will be suitable for all climates, for all countries, for all the sections of human community, men, women and children (above 8 years). The specialty of these series of exercises is that no limb or internal organs of the practitioner is subjected to any strain.

The exercises are also based on scientific truths and they are fully along scientific lines. These exercises can be done with an extreme ease without any strain and the movements are smooth and graceful as well. The only thing is that the practitioner should endeavor on the perfection of the movements of the limbs and body.

The time required for completing these exercises is rather short, say 30 minutes or so and no mechanical aids or mechanical devices are necessary. They involve no monitory expenditure, at all.


Any one who practices these exercises regularly will surely be benefited. As much as one understands the value of his own body and sincerely maintains it that much is the value, happiness and success in one's life. These benefits can be brought only by the simplified physical exercises of Maharishi.

There are 24 hours in a day. Why can't we allow just 30 minutes for the welfare of our own self. If only we allot 30 minutes daily for the exercises, we would build up more efficiency and briskness and fastness in work. Also we would feel fit and cheerful. So, we should be regular in practicing the physical exercises like the meditation, as the physical exercises are not less important than Meditation for the purpose of getting ourselves liberated from the imprints of sins.

Let us all learn and practice this great art of physical exercises as simplified by our guru, Vethathiri Maharishi for a real and true way of living.

"By the Grace of the Omniscient my physical form and shape was structured to completion starting from the origin of a single droplet of the sexual vital fluid. O, how do tiny little cells in co-operative endeavor stage endless miracles in the metabolic routine!

May The Whole World Enjoy Peace, Happiness & Prosperity

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