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Articles - Teaching of Philosophers


The teachings of great men and philosophers can be compared to the dress of a child. When we stitch dress for a child, we stitch it in a bigger size as we expect the child to grow. Initially the dress may not be very fit, but within a few months, the growth of the child will make the dress of correct size.

Similarly, when philosophers preach the society, the people may not accept their preaching and refuse it thinking that it is not suitable and required to them.

Philosophers are having knowledge about the past, present and future. In this 'thirikalagnanam' they express their teachings for the betterment and peace of the society. Their ideals and plans may look unnecessary for the common people who are living in their own crooked ideals and views.

Only good thinkers and time can explain the greatness of those teachings. Until then, those preaching will be neglected as an over-sized dress.

May The Whole World Enjoy Peace, Happiness & Prosperity

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