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- Maharishi

Let us consider one of the six temperaments anger. You cannot exempt even a single man as being free of anger. Even other creatures get angry. You witness the anger of an ant if you deter it from carrying a piece of rice. It bites you in a fit of anger. Likewise, all creatures possess anger as a hereditary trait.

When we get angry our mental frequency shoots up to 25-30 cycles per second. Because, of this raise, our life force is wasted. In its effort to replenish, the functioning state of Almighty causes an increase in the" spinning speed of life force particles. Because, then, additional bio-magnetic force would be produced. Increase in the spin causes increase in the distance between two particles.

This, in turn, causes one's astral body to expand beyond his physical body. All the life-force particles expanded beyond the periphery of the body are lost forever. Since they do not return to the physical body, one feels very tired and weak after getting angry.

When the life-force particles increase in spinning speed, they move away from the earth by centrifugal action and leave the body. Maximum deportation occurs via the head, and so, they abnormally affect the brain. This impedes the normal functioning of the brain. So the angry person is unable to think clearly; he blabbers and acts violently without control.

Apart from this, the blood pressure of the person shoots up during anger. All the nerves and muscles in the heart throb violently and rapidly and this causes damage if done repeatedly. All these changes can be observed in an angry person. But we cannot point them out to him and
ask him to observe himself Because, he is in a restless state, which hinders self observation.

The Tamil poet, Thiruvalluvar, says that anger kills the man with whom it associates. Not only that, he says, it also annihilates friendship and repels acquaintances. Mostly, if you analyze as to with whom you quite often get angry, you will find that it is only with the nearest and dearest, often the one who works day and night for your comfort out of love and a sense of duty. Is it not unfair and ungrateful in the extreme to get angry with such a person? If you are habituated to getting angry, your kith and kin would gradually avoid you.

Thus it is said in another Tamil Poem: 'anger is the father and mother of all sins; anger makes one's life unsuccessful in every way; anger keeps no company; anger isolates one from all'.

In our Meditation centres, training is given to neutralize the unwanted anger. Taking the training courses alone won't do any good; You must practice them.

List out, on a sheet of paper, the names of the persons with whom you often get angry. Serialize the name in order of frequency with whom you get angry.

I have taught this practice to members of various countries, inclusive of many researchers. During the practice sessions, I used to enquire as to whose name was at the top of the list. Invariably the answer would be 'my wife' or 'my husband'. The husband-wife relationship is divine; no other can equal it in its depth and intensity, because only in this relationship the union of souls occurs.

Should anger rows and conflicts mar such a special relationship? Is it not such a relationship to be nurtured and safeguarded by whatever means possible? You have to think of all the comforts and pleasures you enjoy by this conjugal-relationship. Ask yourself, "Should I hurt the feelings of such a loving soul?"

Take a pledge not to inflict agony by your anger to the body or mind. Practice this with the first person on your list for about ten minutes daily for one week, ideally just after meditation practice. You would remember the pledge whenever you see the person, practice the same way with the second and then with each in turn. Only practice with awareness brings success. Reading, hearing or intermittently thinking about it won't suffice. Suggestions from lectures do not change one's life unless one wants to practice. Just reading and hearing about such methods do not bring any results. Only the concrete practice by writing, analyzing, pledging and efforts in awareness beget success in neutralization of anger.

May The Whole World Enjoy Peace, Happiness & Prosperity

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