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Introspection is a practical methodology for sublimating the negative emotions of greed, anger, vengeance, worries, etc. After basic Meditation practices, Introspection courses are given in five stages. They comprise special meditation practices, powerful Introspection techniques and discourses on various aspects of Self, Society and Nature.

Detailed discussions and scientific explanations are provided on subjects such as 'Who Am I?', Imprints of actions and their purification, Karma Yoga, Relationship between Man and Society, Benefits of Blessings, Greatness of Women, Cause and Effect System, Philosophy of Magnetism, Evolution of Universe and Living Beings.

Meditation Practices include meditation on Chakras, Five Senses, Five Great Elements, Universal Energy Field and the Absolute Space.

Introspection includes

  • practices of self-analysis designed to take stock of positive and negative characteristics in our personality.
  • eliminate the unwanted and incompatible aspects of one’s character.
  • Strengthen the habits of good thought, word and deed and discerning and rejecting the habits which are unwanted.

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The five techniques of introspection are:

  1. Analysis of Thoughts
  2. Streamlining of Desires
  3. Neutralization of Anger
  4. Eradication of Worries
  5. Realization of Self

Benefits of Introspection courses

  • Expansion of Mind
  • Control over undue psychic attachment in relationship with men and materials.
  • Maneuvering of temperamental moods such as ego, possessiveness, greed, anger, miserliness, passion, inferiority and superiority complex, vengeance and fear.
  • Develop values such as Integrity, Equanimity, Love, Compassion, Strength of Character and Courage.

The brief details of the levels and the courses are given below.

 Introspection Course (Level 1)

1. Panchentria Meditation - meditation on the five senses of Human body.
2. Pancha Bootha Navagraha Meditation - Meditation on the Five Elements    

    Earth, fire, water, Air and Ether (Akash) combined with the nine planets
    that influence our lives.

1. The need of Introspection. The Greatness of Silence.
2. The Philosophy of Life.
3. Analysis of Thoughts.
4. Moralization of Desire
5. Benefits of blessing


Introspection Course (Level 2)

1. Thuriyatheetha Yoga:
2. Manonmani
3. Increase of Life Force - Deepa (lamp) practice

1. Neutralization of Anger
2. Eradication of Worries
3. Realization of Self
4. Sinful Imprints and ways to eliminate them.

Introspection Course (Level 3)

1. Nithyanandam
2. Nine Point Meditation (Onbothu Maiyam)
3. Increase of Life Force - Mirror Practice

1. Life and Mind
2. Philosophy Of Mind
3. Evolution of Universe
4. Action Imprints - Cause and Effect
5. Karma Yoga - Purifying of genetic center
6. Peace in Family


 Introspection Course (Level 4)

same as in the level 3, bring about an understanding of the nuances of the meditative practices, their benefits and Curing of Diseases.

1. Why Men differ?
2. Before Birth and after Death
3. Astronomy and Astrology
4. Evolution of Universe
5. Brahma Gnanam and Philosophy of Action and Result.

Silence Programme:
There is a unique programme in which we maintain Silence in a Retreat . Yogiraj Vethathiri Says that when one is Silent, God talks to him.

When one sits in a calm place and just keeps quiet, he can observe the numerous thoughts that come into one's mind. Where do these thoughts come from? The thoughts are nothing but the expression of the mind. Mind's frequency is but the frequency of the Life Energy Particles. The Mind records whatever we do at our genetic center and when we are quiet replays it for us. Our Mind shows that we have all these imprints inside ourselves and keeps showing us these imprints when we get into that state of mind again.

So when we are quiet and silent, when others do not disturb us, we are doing meditation and conserving our Life Force. But our purpose should be during this time to concentrate on the Inner Self, and treasure what we get due to this contact and live by them.



 Brahma Gnanam and Teacher's Course

After proper training in the above mentioned courses and meditative practices, the qualified personnel are welcome to attend the above course which is held in Singapore and India. The aspirant gets knowledge of the Brahman (Absolute) and trained as a teacher to be service to the Society.

Food for thought  


Whether there is actual requirement or not, man always thinks "I want this ", "I want that". Thus, man sticks on to certain people and objects and hinders his own spiritual progress.  First of all, man should have the wisdom to realise that all the things that are necessary for his life are provided to him by Totality.

In this realisation, if he gets rids of unwanted attachments with persons and objects, the door of spiritual path will be open for him.  Man's own imagination about wants will close the door of spirituality.  So stop the imaginations and open your mind for a better prospective spiritual vision.

May The Whole World Enjoy Peace, Happiness & Prosperity

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