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There are some people who do not know anything,

through them also the Nature teaches us lessons.



Everybody is a Teacher as well as student

Every man in the world is on one side learning and the other side, he is teaching. By learning and teaching, the whole world is united. We are learning some things from the elders and experienced persons. They are guiding others who do not know.

There are some people who do not know anything. But through them also the Nature teaches us lessons. For example, think of some children. Their behavior, their attitude reveals the secrets of Nature through their activities, understanding, actions etc.. Even though they are children, we are learning things from them also. We may take the whole world in this sense.

Nature - a Good Teacher to one who Wants to Learn

Nature itself is a very good teacher. It teaches all the lessons required by man, reveals all the secrets of itself to every man in the day to day life, every hour, every minute - through some persons, some enjoyment, some activity and so on.

Where one is very keen and picks up the lessons, he is progressing well. One who neglects and do not understand the value of the teachings of Nature everyday in his life, he is loosing benefits. This results only in problems, miseries and pain to himself and others.

We call one man a Guru. Alright, but once, he was also a sishya of another Guru. When one learns something from you or when you are conveying a message to others, then, you become a Guru.

So, from time immemorial many Gurus started teaching spiritual lessons and were enlightening the humanity. Vyas Bhagvan accumulated within himself all the information of spiritual enlightenment. What he formulated and wrote, we call that now as Vedas and Upanishads.

Start Thinking, You Will Learn

But, even before Vyas, the teachings were going on. After Vyas, his teachings has being continued. All are in need to learn new lessons every day. Just you start thinking. You can get a lot more information from anything what-so-ever. Then you will start learning the secrets of Nature through various things, i.e., trees, earth, air, sun, moon, every person, every action. Each will be giving lessons as applicable and beneficial to our way of life.

Learn to respect other's feelings

Hinduism is not a religion. It is only a culture of mankind, culture of man, the general principles necessary for man to lead a better life. Man's life is always going on within a Triangle. Its one side is nature, the other side is society and the third is self.

In between these three, every action or every enjoyment is going on. Man has to understand and respect the sentimental feelings of the people who live in his surrounding, the needs of these people and he has to render services to them.

Man has to understand the value of himself, the purpose of his birth and he has to develop his consciousness to fulfill that purpose so that harmony, peace and happiness develop day by day.

Otherwise, all the problems will start. Always, whatever the religion, all are giving hints or some teachings of the secrets of the human mind, the secrets existing between Nature and individual man, and existing between individual and society. Therefore, even the scientists are trying to
understand to learn all the secrets of Nature.

But, they are trying and understanding only with the help of the senses. When the senses are not able to perceive enough, then, they create some instruments to increase the faculty of the senses. Up to that, we are trying to understand the secrets of Nature and also how to utilise the resources of Nature.

You are not aloof from the Totality or Nature

Similarly the 'Atma Cyan' also tries to understand the relationship between the Totality and the fraction. When you think that Totality is Almighty or Brahman or the Universal Being and man is a fraction, you can not say that you are aloof from the Totality or Nature. You are one with the Nature and also part or fraction of Nature.

So, with this noble idea our ancient Gurus always have given many more information and teachings about the secrets of Nature. Today, we understand the greatness and value of the Guru hood and bow down our head and give our prostrations to the Gurus who lived before us.

May The Whole World Enjoy Peace, Happiness & Prosperity

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