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The term "Kaya Kalpa" has three meanings:
1) withstanding the aging process
2) maintaining youthfulness, and
3) postponement of death until the time one wishes.

Ever since man started curing illness, he began to discover the causes for illness. Then prevention of illness also was added in the evolution of culture. While he was enjoying pleasures and suffering from pains through his five senses, through his sixth sense he started to understand the perfect functional order of nature, i.e. the principle of cause and effect.

In his efforts to cure and prevent illness he further thought over the avoidance or postponement of death. By continuous search and research for generations, man found several methods of rejuvenating his physical body with foods, medicines, herbs, exercises and austerities. Each method showed a certain effect and some very effective methods are still in use all over the world in various places. Yet a perfect system has not been found to suit all sections of people of all countries, climates and ecological conditions.

Six centuries before Christ, the need for a system of rejuvenation and withstanding the aging process was felt by Lord Buddha, when he thought of alleviating suffering from disease, old age and death. He was not given any help by the intellectuals of the day to find the secrets of aging and disease. The question remained unanswered for hundreds of years, but the urge and search were going on continuously.

Between the tenth and fifteenth centuries some alchemists, called 'Siddhas' in South India were successful in their research and lived as long as they wished, and after death their bodies were impervious to decay and disintegration. Eighteen well-known saints demonstrated their longevity to the people and the people saw that their bodies did not decay after death. Nowadays, there is no descendant to personally teach their system, but the processes of rejuvenation, withstanding aging and postponement of death are scattered bit by bit in the writings of the Siddhas. The processes to be followed are all written in obtuse language, and although written in Tamil, even a scholar cannot understand the meaning clearly today.

In my youth, even before my teen age, the crucial questions: "What is God?" "What is Life?" "How does poverty exist?" - started in my mind. At that age I could not discuss these subjects with other enlightened men. In my teen age I started reading some books written by the Siddha saints. I came across several philosophical expositions in poetic form. I could not get clear answers to the questions which had been haunting my mind constantly for years. In the course of study, I learned of several herbs and medicines to cure diseases. Interspersed in the Siddha's teachings, there were some indications about the process of Kaya Kalpa, victory over death. It was a confusing subject to me although it engaged my interest. Meanwhile, I earnestly studied medicine and got diplomas in Ayurveda, Siddha and Homeopathy. I began practicing exercise for rejuvenation, general health and to avoid begetting children.

Many years later, after I had good experience in Kundalini Yoga and got realization of Self (Consciousness) I happened again to study the same Siddha texts. What a wonder. I could easily understand the meaning of the philosophical terms and also the process of Kaya Kalpa with its science and practical exercise. I taught these exercises to some close friends and by enquiry, I found they got immense benefits.

Now I am teaching this wonderful process. Kaya Kalpa, to hundreds of people yearly. The practitioners are obtaining satisfactory results, both in physical strength and vitality and in curing some illnesses.

Furthermore, there is significant spiritual benefit. The sexual energy is transmuted into spiritual energy by directing it to the Crown Chakra. The enlightenment of consciousness, which is the purpose of birth, is naturally gradually achieved. The temperamental moods developed in man's personality will be naturally sublimated into spiritual awareness and more behavior for the welfare and happiness of all.

Practice of Kaya Kalpa involves two main exercises:1) toning up the nervous system to withstand the aging process and 2) "Ojas breath" - to recycle the sexual vital fluid to rejuvenate the body and postpone death. These two exercises are very simple to learn and practice daily.

The course is taught in two sittings of 11/2 hours each. In the first sitting the science of body chemistry and functions is elaborately explained. In the second sitting the practical exercises are taught so that the student becomes well acquainted with their sequential order and duration. As this practice is a restructuring process of the body in a natural way, no medicines or herbs are involved. Significant results will soon be noticeable if moderation in food, work, rest, sex and use of thought force is observed.

Any person after maturity is eligible to learn and practice Kaya Kalpa without previous experience in meditation or spiritual practices. Also this may be practiced in conjunction with any other spiritual practices or physical exercises. Kaya Kalpa is a valuable and powerful practice and was kept secret by the Siddhas who discovered it. I will personally teach it to anyone who takes an oath not to teach it to any other person without my express permission.

Benefits of Kaya Kalpa Practice

  1. The sexual vital fluid becomes thickened and the stock is increased so that the life force and bio-magnetism are sufficiently maintained. It sufficiently strengthens and vitally rejuvenates the body. It will cure and prevent diseases and relieve the practitioner of the troubles of old age. Sexual potency is increased.

  2. Monks, nuns and young people will be benefited so as not to get sexual excitement quickly in any circumstances, through recycling of the sexual vital fluid and absorbing it into the body.

  3. Sexual energy is transmuted into spiritual energy, developing and strengthening spiritual awareness.

  4. It will change the character and improve the personality. There will be genetic improvement for healthier and more intelligent progeny.

  5. Conception can be controlled at will when either of the partners is successful in the practice over a sufficient period of time.

To sum up: generally Kaya Kalpa is a good practice to maintain physical and mental health, further spiritual development and rejuvenate the physical systems to withstand the aging process. The practice will help all people regardless of sex, race, religion or creed to enjoy a happy and satisfactory life. I am very satisfied with the results of this practice because it can solve major problems of mankind all over the world.

- Maharishi

May The Whole World Enjoy Peace, Happiness & Prosperity

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