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Articles - Importance of Religion & Realisation of GOD


Religion is the science of living. It is a safe method of living, with principles of life selected from the experiences of mankind. According to the time, place and environmental conditions, the men of wisdom selected some important activities and enjoyments of life,' compatible with the prevailing cultural values. They categorised do's and don'ts for the benefit and safety of the people in the living process and relationship with men and materials. The world-wide cultural values of mankind have their roots with the evolutionary process of Nature and the experiences of mankind through the hereditary link of millions of generations. In the ocean of cultural values every religion is an island with the demarcation of time, place and environmental conditions. So far, religion is the only guiding light for mankind to live successfully and peacefully, maintaining a harmonious relationship with fellow beings. We know that there are several religions all over the world.

There are differences peripherally and ritualistically but the core and goal of all religions are the same:

1) Worship of God, and

2) Virtuous way of living.

These are the important principles in all religions.


To get the full benefits of religion, the followers should realise God to their full satisfaction and also should follow virtues with real responsibility, emerging from their own psycho-physical character.

Worship of God and virtuous way of life are interlinked with one another; virtuous deeds will blossom from the light of realisation of GOD.

May The Whole World Enjoy Peace, Happiness & Prosperity

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